Search Engine Marketing

There are two ways in getting more traffic (views) to our website. One of the them is SEM-Search Engine Marketing(PPC Management Services) this is also called as “paid service“.

Now a days various business fokes are using SEM as the better option for advertising their business which helps to increase their business traffic drastically.Most of the search marketers will prefer marketing through SEM rather than traditional ways of advertising like tv Ads and classified in news papers etc..

Some of the popular paid search platforms are Google Adwords ,Bing Ads ,Yahoo Search Ads among these Google Adwords is the most popular one.Along with theseĀ  some of the PPC advertising options on the major social networks.

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To make discussion of SEM more clear ,consider the example of how we can advertise by using Google Adwords.There are three formats of advertising (SEM) in Google ads,display ads and video ads.If we invest on search ads then our ads appears top in Search Result Page.

Searching for a 100% accurate PPC advertising service provider from India! If yes, then seotrafficking is the right place to get PPC Management Services. When a person click in search engine result ads, banner or website which means you have to pay some amount on for each click to your advertiser.You can start Pay Per Click campaigns anytime, anywhere to improve your services, products & business conversion, leads or enquirers. Yahoo publisher, Google Ad Words, MSN Ad-center, YouTube Video Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads & LinkedIn Ads are popular ppc platforms to start your paid campaigns to target your preferred customers.

Seotrafficking provides superior PPC services that will not only increase your visibility on google but also helps to increase traffic to your website. Our expert PPC team through installed ad words tracking tools will measure your Return on Investment (ROI) and use only the best keywords that help in increasing your profits. Our PPC solutions would guide you in observing the trails of your customers the moment they click on your advertisement up to the point of sales.Our professional tactics includes in SEM are as follows.

  • Ads for all format like text, images, video, flash, mobile ads etc
  • Key word research and recommendation
  • Advanced PPC strategies
  • E-commerce PPC
  • Work on PPC all popular platforms
  • ROI Tracking & Improve ROI
  • PPC Bid Management
  • Reduced CPC
  • Better Leads & Sales
  • Increased Paid Traffic
  • Weekly or monthly PPC reports
  • 24/7 support

If you want to boost your business, services, enquirys & products sales then fell free to call us without hesitation